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Although, I've individually gone to all the sites below, I borrowed these links from eWeek so I've left their copyright notice below until I get time to arrange these the way I would do it with additional sites pertaining to my areas of interest.

Security Links

Updated as of: March 9, 2004

Outside Resources
These are independent services that maintain e-mail lists on which security professionals discuss technical issues.

SecurityFocus Home

The SecurityFocus Mailing Lists

The CERT Advisory Mailing List

The Antivirus Information Exchange Network (AVIEN)

The Segura/AVIEN Early Warning System (EWS)

SpywareInfo and the Spyware Weekly Newsletter The #1 Unofficial ISA Server Resource Site
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The Redhat-watch-list Archives
("Critical bug fixes and security issues in Red Hat Linux and related products")

Microsoft Security Bulletins and Headlines

Sun Microsystems Security Alerts

Netscape Security News

Netscape 4.x Security Issues
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Microsoft Security And Privacy Home

Microsoft Security Bulletins and Headlines

How to subscribe for notifications for security issues

Make Your Windows Servers Secure

MSDN Security Site
(Developer security issues for Windows)

Microsoft Security Glossary

Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft Office Update
(You'll need the Office CD you installed from)
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Red Hat Security Resource Center

Sun Software Security Solutions

Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS)

IBM Security News And Solutions

Oracle Security Solutions

CA eTrust Security Solutions

Check Point Solutions for Common Security Exploits
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Network Associates (McAfee)

Trend Micro

Command Software

CA eTrust InoculateIT


Central Command

GriSoft AVG Antivirus

Kaspersky Labs

Norman Data Defense Systems

Panda Software

Aladdin Knowledge Systems eSafe

Eset Software

MicroWorld Technologies eScan

Virus Bulletin

The WildList Organization International

The Segura/AVIEN Early Warning System (EWS)

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